Consulate General of Belgium in Hong Kong

Tourist Visa

I. General requirements

1. Travel document valid at least 3 months after expiration date of the visa. (+ 1 set of photocopies; only pages of personal particulars + previous Schengen visa). It shall contain at least 2 blank pages and be no older than 10 years old.

2. 1 application form: fully completed in English and signed by applicant, join 1 recent colour photograph

3. Hong Kong stay permit (+ 1 photocopy), valid for at least another 3 months after expiration date of requested visa + Hong Kong smart ID card (+ 1 photocopy)

4. Round trip reservation(s).

5. Proof of solvency (for example, bank statements for the last three months or another proof of regular income: a letter from the employer stating the name of the employer, the name of the employee, his/her job title, annual salary, date of employment and if relevant, the duration of his/her contract. If the letter of employment is not available it can be substituted by other proof of regular income, for example, a letter from the university in question for students getting a scholarship or proof of pension/insurance/rent payments).

->  Or, in some cases, guarantor's financial means: Pledge of financial support, also called annex 3 bis (Dutch French). Through pledge of financial support, a Belgian national, or a foreign national resident in Belgium, acts as a guarantor for your period of residence, your return journey and your medical costs. The guarantor should ask for the pledge of financial support (3 bis) at the municipality (commune/gemeente) of his/her residence. When the pledge of financial support has been authenticated by the municipal authorities, the original document must be submitted to the Consulate General, within six months of the authentication, together with:

A. A copy of the guarantor’s last three pay slips or any other (official) document proving his/her solvency. In the case of a family visit, the guarantor must earn at least 800 € net per month + 150 € for each of the guarantor’s current dependents and/or 150 € for each person invited. In the case of a visit to friends, the guarantor must earn at least 1,000 € net per month + 150 € for each of the guarantor’s current dependents and/or + 200 € for each person invited.

B. A copy of a document proving that the guarantor is of Belgian nationality (identity card) or has authorization to stay in Belgium indefinitely (residence permit)

Given that the number of current dependents is a factor in determining the solvency of the guarantor, submit proof of the make-up of the guarantor’s family together with evidence of any family benefits received.

6. Proof of accommodation: for the whole duration of the intended stay. Travel itinerary, providing clear evidence of the applicant’s travel plans (transportation booking, itinerary, etc.).

7. Minors (under 18)

if the minor is travelling alone or with only one parent: a birth certificate and a notary certificate of permission to travel from legal guardian(s).

8. A valid travel insurance policy with medical coverage of minimum EURO 30.000

II. List of additional supporting documents to be submitted depending on the purpose of travel


1. People travelling to visit family/friends

Invitation issued at least one day before the visa application is submitted:

- an invitation issued by the host in the country of destination. It should state the name and the contact details (address, phone number/email) of the host and the period and duration of the stay;

- copy of passport or residence permit of inviting person;

- bank statement for the last three months (if not possible to submit other proof of source of funds).


(Chinese version below) 以下是中文版本:



I. 基本要求

1. 來回交通的預約證明, 旅遊保險

2. 經濟狀況證明(例如:最近三個月的銀行月結單或其他文件,證明申請人擁有固定收入:如由僱主發出的在職證明,清楚列明僱主及僱員的姓名、僱員的職位、年薪、受聘日期及合約有效期(如適用)。如未能提供在職證明,申請人可提供其他文件證明他/她擁有固定的收入,如由大學發出的獎學金通知書、養老金證明、保險或房屋租金的證明)。

3. 住址證明:清楚列明整個逗留期間預計居住的地方;行程安排:說明申請人的行程計劃(如交通預約、行程表等)。

4. 未滿18歲人士:


II. 基於不同到訪目的,申請人須提供額外的文件

1. 外籍人士到訪神根地區洽商或作短期專業培訓

(a) 所屬公司的商業登記及由僱主發出的在職及派遣證明:

- 在印於公司正式信箋,並附有公司蓋章和負責人簽署的商業登記證副本上,清楚列明以下各點:

- 公司地址及公司聯絡人;

- 加簽人員的姓名及其職位;

- 申請人的姓名、職位、薪酬及年資;

- 到訪目的;

- 申請人在回國後的職位證明;

- 為申請人提供旅費,以支持該申請人是次旅程的交通費及生活開支的人士或單位

(b) 由主辦單位發出的邀請函,該函須印於該機構的正式信箋及附有蓋章和簽署,並清楚列明以下各點:

- 公司地址及公司的聯絡人;

- 加簽人員的姓名及其職位;

- 到訪目的;

- 詳盡的行程表;

- 為申請人提供旅費,以支持該申請人的交通費及生活開支的人士或單位

2. 外籍人士到訪神根地區探望親友


- 由在 神根地區 的邀請人所發出的邀請函,並在信中清楚註明邀請人的姓名及聯絡方法(如地址、電話或電郵地址),以及受邀人逗留在神根地區的時間;

- 邀請人的護照或居住證明副本;

- 最近三個月的銀行月結單(若未能提供,可以其他的文件證明顯示申請人的經濟狀況)。

3. 外籍人士到訪神根地區參與文化或體育活動

(a) 由主辦單位發出及蓋章的邀請函,該函須印於該機構的正式信箋上,並清楚列明:

- 到訪目的及逗留時間;

- 詳盡的節目及行程表;

- 逗留 神根地區 期間的詳盡住宿證明

(b) 由香港或或澳門文化運動機構發出的信件,該信須印於該機構的正式信箋及附有蓋章,並清楚列明:

- 機構的地址及聯絡方法;

- 加簽人員的姓名及其職位;

- 申請人的姓名、職位、薪酬及年資(只適用於專業人士):

- 確定參與的文件證明

(c) 由負責支付申請人之旅費及生活開支的單位所發出的聲明




  • Without the complete supporting documents, no visa application will be accepted.
  • In some cases, consultation of Belgian authorities and/or Schengen partners is required. Therefore processing time can take 15 to 30 days (exceptionally 60 days).