Consulate General of Belgium in Hong Kong




Travel from non EU countries to Belgium remains prohibited with exceptions as listed further down on this page.

Long stay (more than 90 days):

  • Visa D is required to enter Belgium.

Short stay (90 days or less):

  • Third country nationals who do not need a visa to enter the Schengen zone (e.g. HKSAR, BNO or Macau SAR passport holders) need to obtain an Essential Travel Certificate from the Consulate General before traveling (more information below).
  • Third country nationals who need a visa to enter the Schengen zone and who received a visa before 18/03/2020 need to obtain an Essential Travel Certificate from the Consulate General before traveling (more information below).
  • Third country nationals who need a visa to enter the Schengen zone and who received a visa after 18/03/2020 do not need to obtain an Essential Travel Certificate.

The Essential Travel Certificate is issued by the Consulate General, after assessment of the essential nature of the planned trip. Please read the information below carefully, and complete the application form before applying for the certificate.

All travelers from outside the EU and Schengen have to: 

  1. Complete the Passenger Locator Form before traveling (see below)
  2. Observe a mandatory 14 day quarantine (see below)
  3. Take a test upon arrival in Belgium

Mandatory form for travel to Belgium

All persons traveling to Belgium and all persons travelling through Belgium and who are staying at least 48 hours must fill out an online identification form (Passenger Locator Form) before traveling. When you submit the form, you will receive an e-mail with a QR code. You have to be able to show this QR code to your airline when checking in at the airport.

You can find this form here.

Quarantaine measures explained

  • Avoid using public transport as soon as you return to Belgium.
  • The period of quarantine or self-isolation starts as soon as you arrive in Belgium after your trip.
  • Quarantine or self-isolation means that you stay indoors (including use of a garden or terrace) at a single address. This can be your private address or with family or friends. If you test positive, all members of the same household are considered to be close contacts.
  • Receiving visitors is not allowed during quarantine or self-isolation.
  • Working and going to school is not allowed. Teleworking is permitted.
  • You may only leave your home for the following essential trips and you must wear a (fabric) face mask: visiting your GP or for urgent medical care; purchasing basic necessities (such as food and medicines) ONLY if no one else can provide them; settling urgent legal/financial issues.
  • During quarantine or self-isolation, contact tracers should be able to reach you at all times and you must cooperate in listing your close contacts. Make sure your mobile phone has roaming enabled if you use a foreign SIM card.

The full overview of quarantine measures is available here:

Useful links

More information about travel from and to Belgium is available here on the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs


Since 25/03/2020 non-residents are no longer allowed to enter Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong government has announced more stringent measures for travelers from Belgium. These conditions apply to travelers who were in Belgium in the 14 days before arriving in Hong Kong.

Test before departure from Belgium

No more than 72 hours before departure, each traveler must take a nucleic acid test for COVID-19.

  • The result of this test has to be negative to be allowed to travel
  • A test report in English must be presented upon arrival in Hong Kong
  • The laboratory where the test is performed must be ISO 1589 accredited. The list of recognized testing facilities is available by clicking on the link – click here for Dutch or click here for French

We strongly recommend to print a copy of the Verbal Note that was sent to the Government of the HKSAR, as well as the list of testing facilities, and present these printouts together with the test result at the airports in Belgium and in Hong Kong. Click here to download and print the verbal note.

Arrival in Hong Kong

Upon arrival at Hong Kong International Airport, all travelers have to take a mandatory test. Travelers have to wait for the result of this test at a designated location (depending on the time of arrival: AsiaWorld-Expo or a provided hotel for 1 night).

  • Negative test result:  the traveler will be allowed to leave for the hotel that has been booked in advance.
  • Positive test result: the traveler is transferred to a hospital or a specialized center. In this case, the traveler bears the cost of canceling the hotel reservation.


All travelers have to observe a mandatory 14 days quarantine period. This quarantine has to be done in a hotel of choice that was booked in advance. Each traveler must present proof of reservation of the hotel room upon arrival. Home quarantine is not allowed.

More information

All the information concerning the return of high risk places (including Belgium) is available on this site:

General information on the Hong Kong government's measures for travelers can be found here:


Travel to Belgium is allowed for a limited number of exempted categories, as listed below.

The Consulate General of Belgium in Hong Kong and Macao now accepts visa applications for individuals who fall into these categories.

Travel for professional reasons

Travel to Belgium is allowed for:

  • professional travel for health professionals, researchers in the health field and professionals providing care for the elderly
  • business travel for transport staff
  • travel by serving diplomats, staff of international organizations and people who are invited by international organizations and whose physical presence is necessary for the proper functioning of these organizations, professional travel by military personnel, federal police personnel , civil protection personnel, law enforcement personnel, personnel from the Immigration Office, customs personnel and humanitarian workers when the trip is necessary in the performance of their duties;
  • business trips by seafarers
  • business travel for seasonal workers in the agricultural sector
  • highly qualified workers from third countries, if their employment is necessary from an economic point of view for Belgium and cannot be postponed or carried out abroad. Proof that the work is urgent and cannot be postponed is required.
  • individuals who come to exercise an activity as an employed person in Belgium, including young au pairs, regardless of the duration of this activity, provided they are authorized to do so by the competent region (work permit or proof of exemption). 
  • individuals who come to exercise a self-employed activity in Belgium, regardless of the duration of this activity, provided that they are authorized to do so by the competent region (professional card or proof of exemption).


Travel by transit passengers is allowed both extra-Schengen (coming from a non-Schengen country) and intra -Schengen (coming from a Schengen country)


Travel to Belgium is allowed for third-country nationals traveling for study purposes, including travel by pupils, students and trainees undergoing training as part of their studies and researchers with a hosting agreement.

Humanitarian reasons

Travel to Belgium is allowed for humanitarian reasons, including travel for compelling medical reasons or to pursue urgent medical care.

Family reasons

Travel to Belgium is allowed for overriding family reasons:

  • trips justified by family reunification
  • visits to a spouse or registered partner residing in Belgium when, for professional or personal reasons, the spouses or registered partners live apart
  • travel to visit an unregistered partner who does not live under the same roof (‘de facto partner’) is possible but the traveler needs to carry an Essential Travel Certificate issued by the Consulate-General. See below for more information.
  • travel within the framework of co-parenting
  • travel for funerals or cremations (first and second degree of relationship)
  • travel within the framework of civil or religious marriages (first and second degree of kinship)

De facto partners (as of 01.09.2020)

Travel to visit a de facto partner in Belgium is allowed from September 1st .

A valid visa C (issued after 18.03.2020) or an Essential Travel Certificate is required to enter Belgium.

In order to obtain the visa C or the Essential Travel Certificate, the partners will need to prove that they have a lasting and stable relationship.

This can be demonstrated as follows:

  • The partners provide proof that they have lived together on an interrupted basis, in Belgium or in another country, for at least six months before the submission of the visa application (for nationalities subject to visa) or the planned date of travel (for nationalities not subject to visa);
  • The partners provide proof that they have known each other for at least one year before the submission of the application (nationalities subject to a visa) or the planned date of the trip (nationalities not subject to the visa), and prove that they had contacts regular by telephone, by exchange of letters or e-mails and that they have met two times during the one year preceding the request for a total duration of 20 days or more. If a second trip was planned but had to be cancelled because of Covid-19 restrictions then this trip can be taken into account if the partners provide proof of the booking and cancellation. 
  • the partners have a common child.

The de facto partners must also present the following supporting documents:

  • Schengen travel health insurance for a minimum cover of EUR 30000
  • Proof of sufficient personal means of existence
  • Return guarantees: the traveling partner has to present proof that he/she will return to Hong Kong or Macau.

Essential Travel Certificate

Application for the Essential Travel Certificate has to be done in person at the Consulate General, between 9am and 1130am Monday to Friday. Applicants will be informed by e-mail when their certificate is ready for collection.

  • The arrival date, departure date and flight number have to be mention on the certificate. A return ticket is essential when applying for the certificate.
  • Allow enough processing time before your intended travel date. The certificate will not be issued on the same working day.
  • The certificate will be issued free of charge.

An overview of the required documents to apply for the Essential Travel Certificate is listed on the application form. Click here to download the form.


The Consulate General will remain open to the public during the normal opening hours

In order to maintain a healthy and safe environment both for visitors and employees, and in accordance with the recommendations of the local authorities, the Consulate General of Belgium requests you to observe the following rules:

  • If you have a fever (37.5°C or more) or any signs and symptoms of the novel Coronavirus, DO NOT come to the Consulate General. 
  • Wear a protective face mask. Visitors who arrive without their own face mask will not be permitted to enter.  Face masks will not be provided.
  • Use alcohol disinfectant upon arrival and before touching fingerprint devices.
  • Respect social distancing (1.5m).
  • Visa applications: In order to minimise waiting times please prepare your file carefully in accordance with the list of required documents and in the same order.

Your kind understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated.