Consulate General of Belgium in Hong Kong


Last updated: 27/02/2023


Traveling to Belgium


As of 27/02/2023, it is no longer necessary to bring a negative PCR or RAT test prior to departure to Belgium. 


Traveling to Hong Kong


Boarding requirements:


  • Persons aged three or above on the day of arrival at Hong Kong: Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) conducted within 24 hours or PCR-based nucleic acid test conducted within 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure (for arrivals via the airport) or before arrival at Hong Kong (for arrivals via other boundary control points), obtained negative result; and
  • Retain the photo showing the RAT result or the PCR test report for 90 days


Please consult the rules here:

Useful links
Sample of Macau COVID Certificate / Sample of HKG COVID Certificate


Traveling to Macau

It is NO longer necessary to perform a COVID test (neither a PCR nor a RAT test) for a trip to Macau.

Only exception: Travelers to Macau must present a RAT test if they wish to travel to China mainland after the visit to Macau, and if they have stayed in Taiwan or third countries in the 7 days prior to their visit to Macau.

You may consult the rules here: