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Covid Vaccination Certificate

Last update: 30/07/2021

European Digital Covid Certificate

The Belgian authorities can issue a European Digital Covid Certificate to people who received a vaccination outside Belgium, under specific conditions. Your vaccination record has to get uploaded onto Vaccinet first and the certificate can be issued based on the data that are available in Vaccinnet.

These are the conditions for obtaining a European Digital COVID Certificate:

A. Vaccination outside Belgium can be registered in Vaccinet on these 3 conditions:

  1. The administered vaccine is a vaccine that is authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), or Covishield. Comirnaty, the BioNTech vaccine that is administered in Hong Kong, has been authorized by the EMA. Click here for the complete list of approived vaccines
  2. The vaccinated person: is
    • a Belgian citizen, or
    • has his/her  main residence in Belgium, or
    • is the partner or the child of a Belgian citizen or a person with his/her main residence in Belgium and they live together, or
    • studies or works in Belgium 
  3. The vaccinated person can present a valid proof of vaccination showing the name of the vaccine, the dose, and the date when it was administered. This is the case for the vaccination certificates issued in Hong Kong.

The registration in Vaccinet has to be done by a medical doctor based in Belgium. 

B. EU Digital COVID Certificate

An EU Digital COVID Certificate can be issued to

  1. anyone who is vaccinated outside Belgium AND
  2. whose vaccination record is available in Vaccinet AND
  3. who, based on the data available in Vaccinet, can be considered fully vaccinated according to a Vaccination scheme recognized in Belgiium.

All information on the certificates is available on

Hong Kong Vaccination Certificate

This is an example of the COVID vaccination certificate issued by the Government of the Hong Kong SAR (Department of health). 

Click here to download the confirmation.