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Belgian identity card

Every Belgian who's 12 years or older must apply for a Belgian identity card.

(All Belgians registered in the Consulate General must apply for an Identity card (law on consular registers of 26.06.2006). )

For more info about the use and application of the Belgian identity card, see the following links:

Website Foreign Affairs

The following documents are required when applying for a Belgian e-ID (electronic ID card):

  • 2 e-ID Card application forms (signed in black within the frame): 
    in Dutch
    in French
  • Kid-ID application forms (Dutch / French)
  • a photocopy of your current ID card or e-ID 
  • 2 recent colour passport photographs (35 x 45mm, without white frame, face with hair: 35mm) white background only (photo requirements: Dutch - French
  • fee paid in advance in cash

Processing in Belgium takes at least 8 weeks. You can retain your current ID until the new e-ID arrives. You will be informed of its arrival by phone or email.


  • Additional documents may be required depending on each individual case (e.g. proof of address in case of change of residence).
  • Applicants who lose their e-ID are requested to provide a recent certificate of loss in addition to the above mentioned documents.
  • It is highly recommended to block a lost/stolen ID card without delay by calling DOC STOP in Belgium.


Since october 2015 parents can ask a kids-ID for their children.

This is a non-compulsory Belgian ID document which will be accepted as a valid travel document in some countries.

See link (Dutch) to check where this kids-ID is accepted as a valid travel document:

The kids-ID is valid for 3 years.

Who can apply?

The parent of every child, registered at the Belgian Consulate, younger than 12 years old (on the moment of the application your child needs to be younger than 11 years and 9 months).


The parent needs to come in person to the Belgian Consulate with 2 recent passport photograps in color, a signed application form and HKD 95 in cash.

For the ICAO norms to which the passport photo need to comply, please check out the following link.

It will take approximately 6 weeks for the Kids-ID to be ready.