Change of address

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Belgians who are registered with the Consulate General and who move to a new address are advised to update their records as soon as possible. Keeping your details up to date can help to avoid a number of problems in the future.

In order to register your new address you need to fill out a form (available in Dutch (PDF, 379.85 KB) or French (PDF, 353.64 KB)), and send it together with a proof of address (less than 3 months old) to the Consulate General by e-mail.

As proof of address you can submit:

  1. Rental contract and recent proof of rent payment
  2. Bill for electricity, gas, water
  3. Letter or statement from your bank or credit card

Please note:

  • Only these documents will be accepted as proof of address
  • The submitted document has to be less than three months old