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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs determines the conditions under which certificates are issued (Consular Code art. 68). The Consulate General can issue following consular certificates to registered Belgian citizens:

  • Attest van woonplaats / Attestation de résidence / Wohnsitzbescheinigung
  • Attest van inschrijving / Attestation d’inscription / Anmeldebescheinigung
  • Attest van nationaliteit / Attestation de nationalité / Staatsangehörigkeitsbescheinigung
  • Attest van gezinssamenstelling / Attestation de la composition du ménage / Haushaltsbescheinigung
  • Attest burgerlijke staat / Attestation d’état civil / Personenstandsbescheinigung

In accordance to the regulations regarding language use in administrative affairs, certificates are delivered in Dutch, French, German or English..

All applications have to be done in person at the Consulate General by filling out the request form (available in Dutch or French) and paying the consular fee . Requests sent by e-mail will not be accepted. 

Through the application Mijn DOSSIER / Mon DOSSIER / Meine AKTE, electronic certificates can be requested in the three national languages. These certificates can be printed, saved as PDF document with a digital certificate of authenticity from the FPS Home Affairs and send as attachment via email. Please find more information here in Dutch, or  French.

Attention: it is advisable to check with the recipient regarding the acceptability (an example of potential use: proof of residence for a Belgian bank). The usability of the electronic certificates abroad is not guaranteed. After all, the document does not contain a signature and can’t be legalized; there may also be a language problem.

Please find the list of consular fees here.

The certificates in detail:

Certificate of residence states the date of registration in the Consular population registry and the last address or a history of all addresses registered in the National Registry file.

Certificate of registration states the date of registration in the Consular population registry (this date may differ from the date of actual arrival or departure). In contrast to the certificate, there is no address mentioned on this certificate. The certificate can, for example, be used for registration with a  Belgian commune.

Certificate of nationality confirms the possession, resp. loss of Belgian nationality.

Certificate of family composition states all household members, including non-Belgian family members . 'Household' refers to all persons, including not related, living under the same roof. The cohabitation is determined by facts and official documents issued by a local authority and / or other documents that proof the sustainable cohabitation under one address.

Certificate of civil status states the marital status as It appears in the National Registry file. When the recipient is a foreign authority, the objective must be explicitly stated and will be mentioned on the certificate. This certificate cannot be used in the context of a marriage.