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Issuance of Belgian passports

A Belgian passport contains 32 pages and is valid 7 or 5 years.

There is also a 64 pages passport. Belgian citizens living in Hong Kong, who are often frequent travelers, may wish to apply for this type of passport.

Most Asian countries require a minimum 6 MONTHS VALIDITY of the passport upon entry of their territory. Particularly in case of travelling to those countries which do not require a visa, it is advised to see to it that your passport is sufficiently valid or have it renewed in time.

Please note that Belgian passports cannot be extended, and that children cannot be added to their parents’ passports. Each and every Belgian citizen must have his/her individual travel document. A Belgian passport can be issued to a newborn as soon as the birth certificate is made available.

NEW PROCEDURE - Biometrics in your passport

Biometric passport

As of January 2012, the Belgian Consulate General in Hong Kong has been issuing biometric passports. The procedure requires the physical presence of the applicant while lodging his/her passport application. A photograph is taken in the Consulate General, together with the prints of the applicant’s right and left index fingers. The applicant is furthermore invited to put a sample of his/her signature on a digital writing pad.

Consistent with the relevant EU regulation the following categories of applicants are exempt from the requirement with regard to digital fingerprints collection.

  • children less than 12 years old
  • applicants for whom the digital collection of fingerprints is a physical impossibilityis.

The obligation to attend in person however equally applies to these applicants (from the age of 6 on)

The following documents are required to apply for a Belgian biometric passport:

  1. Your current passport + a photocopy (pages with the personal particulars); 
  2. Passport application form
  3. Fee paid in advance in cash. See consular fees
  4.  (only for applicants under age 6) 1 colour passport size photo (see instructions in French or in Dutch) with white background

It takes about 10 working days for processing in Belgium. You can retain your current passport until the new passport arrives. You will be informed of its arrival by phone or e-mail. The old passport will be canceled and returned to the applicant when collecting the new one.

Remarks: Applicants who lose their passport should join a recent police certificate together with the above mentioned document. It is advisable to block the lost/stolen passport by calling DOC STOP in Belgium at 00800 2123 2123! Should it not be possible to get in touch with 00800 2123 2123, dial +32 2 518 2123. Website:

Additional documents might be required depending on each individual case.


As of 1st April 2014, Belgians who are registered in a Belgian municipality or Belgians abroad who are not registered with a diplomatic or consular post can only apply for a temporary passport (valid 6 months) in Hong Kong.