Belgian associations in Hong Kong

Here you can find an overview about Belgian associations in Hong Kong.


The Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (BLCC) in Hong Kong officially launched on 11 December 1998, succeeding the Belgian Business Association which was founded in 1992. The BLCC is a non-profit organization of business people with an active interest in developing two-way trade. The BLCC membership totals more than 200 individuals representing over 120 companies up-to-date.

Our mission is to create a platform to develop and foster economic, commercial and financial relations between Belgium, Luxembourg and Hong Kong. By organizing networking receptions, workshops and seminars on a regular basis, the BLCC facilitates Belgian and Luxembourg companies to expand their network in Hong Kong.




The Belgian Club is committed to organising fun-filled events that celebrate the rich heritage of Belgium, such as a yearly Mussels Dinner, the arrival of Saint Nicholas, etc. We foster a sense of community among Belgians living in Hong Kong.

Our events are open to everyone, regardless of nationality or background. Whether you are a Belgian expat or simply someone who loves Belgian culture, we welcome you with open arms! If you are interested in becoming part of our community, you are welcome to join our monthly TGIF meeting or join our WhatsApp community: